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03-02-15, 20:58
Hi all,

I have recently started a new job which comes with a company car. My boss has allowed me to pick a car within a reasonable budget and it must be a diesel estate.

I currently drive a 57 plate mondeo estate which hasn't really lived up to expectations. I have therefore been looking at the Octavia and also the Seat Leon. I was hoping to get some feedback from Octavia owners,mainly regarding which engine I should go for. I have a choice of the 1.6 and 2.0 litre and was wondering how economical these engines are. Is the 1.6 powerful enough for this car?

I will be driving a mixture of motorway and A roads and at times could have a boot load of equipment to carry. Hope someone can advise!

Thanks in advance, Dave

03-02-15, 22:17
The Leon is considerably smaller than the Octavia. I haven't driven either though. My 1.6D Octavia hatchback is on order! There are still some Black Edition cars to be had at dealers if you're quick and they're a great price for the kit they come with.

04-02-15, 07:40
Yes I have sat in both and the Leon is definitely smaller. The attraction to the Leon is the free technology pack upgrade they are offering (full LED headlights, sat nav etc).

Obviously being a company car, I need to be careful what car I pick for tax purposes. I also want something economical as I have to pay for my private mileage hence why I am keen to hear from owners of the 1.6

04-02-15, 09:36
Don't be swayed by gimmicks, a 2L Octavia for me.

04-02-15, 11:22
My choice would be a 2.0 litre Octavia but I'm struggling to find one that fits my allowance. What sort of mpg do you get from yours?

05-02-15, 09:50
I have a Mk1 VRS petrol, I hate diesel.

05-02-15, 13:37
Have a look at the black edition Octavia, it comes with all the toys and is available in a 1.6d so cheap for tax and economical too. It won't be fast by any stretch of the imagination but when I spend most of my time cruising on motorways it won't make any difference.

06-02-15, 22:26
I have the elegance 2 litre and I drove the 1.6 on a test drive and they are both powerful but if your gonna carry lots of weight the the bigger the engine the easier it will cope but they are a lovely drive

07-02-15, 11:51
I wouldn't say I'm going to be carrying lots of weight a lot of the time. My mondeo is the 1.8 and I find the lack of power and economy (currently at an average of 39.2mpg) hard to put up with, hence I'm nervous about the 1.6 Octavia.

My budget is limited too and my boss wants to buy a brand new car. I see the 2 litre has the 6 speed box as standard, do you find the extra gear useful on motorway journeys?

07-02-15, 14:33
The 1.6 I test drive seemed to have lots of power all the time but that's obvi only on a short time I drove it and yea the 6th gear is nice and I love the power of the 2L and economy is good if you drive it nicely but when you wanna give it some it never stops pulling in any gear

07-02-15, 19:27
Thanks for the advice so far. The Octavia i drove the other week didn't have a auto dimming mirror, is it really an optional extra?? My W reg Bora had one as standard!

07-02-15, 19:54
I don't know it is standard in mine but mine is the elegance so I don't know for the lower models

09-02-15, 21:56
OK, so I'm getting some prices on both the 1.6 and 2.0 litre business edition Octavias. They seem to have quite a lot of equipment as standard but I'm not sure what other extras would be useful. The privacy glass perhaps? Colour maxi dot display? Rear led lights? I can't spend too much more sadly.

I can't seem to find any mention of auto dimming mirror though, all I can see is "dipping breakaway interior rear view mirror", any ideas

10-02-15, 06:11
I have the tinted windows and it looks good as for led I didn't bother didn't seem worth the money they wanted and I have no idea about the mirror you may have to ask a dealer and I also have the auto parking system fitted and that is worth the money

12-02-15, 20:48
Well decision is made. I've gone for the Octavia estate 1.6 TDCi SE CR Business edition Greenline. The only option I was allowed to go for was the colour, metallic silver.

I was surprised the Greenline edition is slightly more powerful than the standard 1.6, it also comes with the six speed gearbox and is really cheap on the company car tax. Just hope it's as economical as it's advertised!

Just got to wait up to 12 weeks for delivery.

13-02-15, 13:29
My 1.6 black edition comes on Monday! I'm getting excited now.

13-02-15, 20:04
Yeah it's hard to wait for a new car but something to look forward to.

One question, do octavia's have puddle lights in the wing mirrors?

17-02-15, 13:26
Mine has indicators in the wing mirrors, puddle lights are the lights some cars have in the underneath of the doors. I'll have a look and see if mine has them or not.

17-02-15, 19:55
So I take it your car arrived on Monday? Pleased with it??

My mondeo has puddle lights in the door mirrors. I upgraded the bulbs to high power LED's and they were really handy and looked cool too.

I'm also struggling to find out if the SE business model has the auto dipping rear view mirror.

18-02-15, 13:45
How can puddle lights be in the mirrors? They wouldn't do what they're supposed to as the light coming down from them wouldn't be any use as it would be blocked by the door wouldn't it?

18-02-15, 14:14
No they cast a really decent amount of light. I don't think I got any pictures but they were really good.

18-02-15, 16:00
http://www.volkswagen.de/de/models/phaeton/gallery.html#/flash=10d7a17ad57609ab639d5fbf20595a01@mediaLists_ medialist_mediaItems_medialist_mediaitem_8

09-03-15, 20:44
Keith, my Octavia Elegance has wing mirror puddle lights. I get the car Wednesday all being well so will try and get some pics.

18-03-15, 20:59
So I've had my Octavia estate for almost a week and covered over 300 miles already. It's a really nice car and the quality surpasses my mondeo hands down. One thing that does bug me is the yellow interior lights! I want to upgrade them to bright white LED's, has anyone done this? I really want to change the puddle lamps as the standard bulbs are nigh on useless. I take it I need to remove the mirror glass?

19-03-15, 11:14
I think you have to remove the cover so glass off first which is risky.