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02-07-17, 18:43
My car has started safe locking itself, im worried that it does that when im like in the car cleaning it or something. The manual states that you cant get out or open windows. How would i get out, seems a bit weird that a car would do this. Just a little worried as i suffer panic attacks. If i had the key inside would starting the car disable this safe mode, seems a stupid question but i said because of panic attacks i cant try this myself.

The Hood
02-07-17, 18:52
My Yeti started doing weird things, it turned out to be because the wires in the drivers door loom were failing. Have a look at the rubber boot on the drivers door, if it is shaped a bit like an accordion it is the same as the one fitted to my 2012 Yeti. If you look at the pictures below.........the one on the carpet shows the straight rubber boot, the picture by the drivers door hinge shows the updated one fitted. The picture of the wires shows how many failed. It is a combination of continually sharply folding the same area of wire, a tight fitting and shoddy materials.

If yours rubber boot is the same as mine (accordion shaped) it is easy to pull it back to check the wires inside.


02-07-17, 19:25
I've checked the wires at the door and they seem ok?