View Full Version : Diesel engines in post-2013 Octavias

07-07-17, 14:58
Hi all

I need a bit of help from someone more knowledgeable than me!

Planning to trade in my 2012 Octavia 1.6 TDI for a new or nearly new model. My present car has been recalled for the emissions 'fix' (though I'm still considering whether to have it done or not). However, I'm keen to avoid buying another car that is similarly affected. I understand that new Octavias are not affected - does that in fact apply to all post 2013 Octavias?

Thanks for any advice.

The Hood
07-07-17, 18:41
Unless you buy a Euro 6 model that uses Adblue it will be affected, if it does use Adblue you will be O.K.

09-07-17, 18:28
Not strictly true. The EA288 diesel engines do not use Adblue and are not affected by the emissions incident. My 2013 2.0TDi has the EA288 engine and is fine. It was the earlier EA189 engine that was affected.