View Full Version : 2013 Octavia Elegance Fan Problem

Barry 1952
17-12-14, 14:53
I have owed a Skoda Octavia Elegance for nearly a year now. The car is proving excellent but I do not do many miles, less than 7000 so far. I have however been experiencing what I think is a problem with a very noisy fan. When you turn the engine off, sometimes but not very frequent, the fan is on or comes on and is very noisy. The fan noise is actually louder than when the engine is running. I have taken it back to a dealer and they have changed the fan but it is still the same. Does anyone else have a similar problem. The dealer is suggesting that all Skoda's are the same with similar noisy fans. So before I take this further I would really appreciate it if you could respond with either a yes you are experiencing the same problem or a no never had this problem. The model, year and mileage of your car would be useful as well

18-12-14, 03:43
Is the fan coming on more on your car than other cars? The dealer might be able to change a setting, so that the fan comes on less, or stays on low. Is your car running hot so that the fan comes on more? If the fan has already been replaced, I don't think that the problem is with the fan.

Barry 1952
18-12-14, 10:00
Thanks for this response. The car runs at normal temperature and the fan does not come on very often. Its only when it does come on it runs so fast it has been described as sounding like a jet engine?? It is certainly louder than the engine ticking over. I think it is to do with the fan speed and did mention this to the dealer but they said they couldn't alter the speed to a low setting. Can they?

19-12-14, 10:17
The fan should not come on very often as I presume this is a diesel? It will be working because of the air con but should not run when the engine is off so the ECU is telling the fan to run for some reason, it certainly does not seem normal from how you describe it and we do get a lot of fan problems with modern VAG cars due to CAN BUS communication errors between the ECU and fan controller which is built into the large fan.

Barry 1952
19-12-14, 16:25
Thanks for your response. I will raise this with the dealer. They did suggest that its got something to do with the Air Particulate Filter (APF) not clearing out on short journeys and then having to "re-generate" or something similar? Didn't make a lot of sense to me but basically they said that the APF would get very hot, up to 300C, so as to "re-generate" and to stop any damage to the rest of the engine the fan would switch on when the engine was switched off so as to cool the APF rapidly. Does this make any sense?

19-12-14, 16:45
The proper name is DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter and yes the fan can run on after to ensure cool air around an extremely hot DPF which can actually get to 850 degrees centigrade whilst regenerating. In the workshop diagnostic system it says to not force regen a blocked DPF as "the vehicle may burn down", charming!

Barry 1952
19-12-14, 17:30
Thanks for this, not too sure about the vehicle burning down. Better keep an extinguisher with me all the time!!!

11-02-15, 16:58
If the car is a diesel the noisy fan may well be the particulate filter regenerating. If this takes place while driving you probably would not be aware. But if you stop before the process is complete, the higher engine temperature means that the fans come on - quite noisily - for several minutes. One indication that it it happening is that the revs at idle, normally about 750 rpm rise to 1000 rpm. I am surprised that the dealer did not realise that this was probably the reason. Of course, if the car in question is petrol, nothing I have just said is of the slightest relevance!