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28-01-15, 20:24
Octavia starting problem: http://youtu.be/TAsPZW2rLEU

Occassionaly my 1.6tdi black edition does this (video link above) on trying to start It.
its booked into the dealer, but they have already said they will do nothing if it doesnt exhibit the fault whilst at the workshop. Im less than impressed with that.

I leave it powered down for 5 mins, and it starts eventually from a single turn over.

Has anyone had similar issues?

29-01-15, 10:17
AT the very least you need to get a full vehicle scan done, try and find a VW specialist in your area who has VCDS and that will do a full scan, printout and clear for you and the post the results. Impress on them that you do need a full printout of the scan results, some can be a little reluctant to hand it over.

30-01-15, 22:31
Looks like some sort of electrical fault. How long ago did you buy the vehicle and was it from a dealer?

30-01-15, 22:43
About 3 months ago so very definitely under warranty. It's booked in, but as I say - the girl on the phone was most insistent that they wouldn't investigate a fault that didn't occur when they took it to the workshop.

30-01-15, 22:52
stick the video on a memory stick and take it in with you. Can't do any harm!

01-02-15, 13:09
If they find a fault on the engine ECU they will have something to look for, if there are no codes and it does not do it plus as far as I can see it is not a known issue, then they will have nothing to investigate.

02-02-15, 13:14
Let us know how you get on fella! How do you find it drives when it does start? Mines coming along in a few weeks time and I'm a bit worried I'm going to find it really under powered.