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Thread: Gearbox + clutch

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    Gearbox + clutch

    Has anyone else experienced issues with the above ?? basically i've got a 2011 Octavia Estate 2.0….
    before christmas the clutch pedal started sticking 1/2 down but the car kept working fine, took it to my local garage who confirmed not losing any clutch fluid so recommended bleeding it as he thought it might have air in it…that was done but the problem persisted so the garage indicated it would more than likely be the master cylinder but it started to get worse when on occasions the car would not allow me to engage gear due to lack of pressure in the clutch pedal ( i would have to pump it to build he pressure back up)

    The clutch then completely failed this weekend resulting in it being towed to a skoda dealer who changed the master cylinder but then have informed me today there is is a slave problem in the gearbox resulting in a £1200 cost, on his recommendations i will get the clutch changed while the gearbox is off the car, totally a £1,500 bill.

    The car has done 60,000 miles and i'm only the 2nd owner having purchased it off a family friend.

    Surely a gearbox should last longer than 4 years ?

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    Yes this is a very common issue with all the VAG group transverse transmissions installations using what we know as the 02Q series (a development of the earlier 01M series) six speed box and it isn't a problem with the gearbox itself but a part of the clutch which is bolted inside it. The part that has actually failed in the gearbox costs £84 from the dealer and only £25 from Sachs. On this series of gearbox, the slave cylinder is what is called concentric and it is inside the bell housing meaning the box has to come out to change it and whilst it is out, it is very advisable to have the clutch and DMF replaced. The only thing I would say is the the price of a new clutch from a Skoda dealer is expensive at £272 with a top quality aftermarket Sachs or LUK unit being £160 and the price of a typical DMF is a lot more at £551 compared to one from Sachs which can be bought for as little as £250 and they are exactly the same parts as VAG supply, in fact the clutch parts from Sachs and LUK are new whereas from VAG they are reconditioned. This means that the same job could be carried out by an independent VAG specialist for around £500 less for a directly comparable job.

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