Dear all - apologies in advance if this is a stupid question - not only do I know next to nothing about cars but I am also paranoid about anything that goes wrong having been stung in the past by a previous money-pit of a car (not a Skoda!). I have purchased my first Skoda with durability and reliability in mind!

I have had a '14 plate Rapid 1.2 for the 6 weeks nearly now - I am the second owner and she has just shy of 21000 miles on the clock.

Tonight when returning home I had my radio off (exceptionally) so I noticed on some occasions (not all) when changing gear a very quiet "clicking" noise (more like a dull thud) when bringing the clutch back up.

I would estimate that this was happening in about every 1 in 10 changes, give or take - doesn't sound "unhealthy" - just like the plates coming together.

Is this normal? Do I need to be concerned?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.