Can anyone help me?

I have a Yeti 2011 1.8 4x4, which is using about 1 litre per 1,000 miles. It has done 77,000 miles.
It is out of both the maker's and the dealer's warranty.

I've replaced the inlet filter, and the breather system on top of the engine. This had no impact at all.

Today, I did a compression test:

Cylinder 1 2 3 4

Dry 155 157 150 160

Wet (5ml oil) 185 185 185 185

Looks to me as though it is the dreaded piston rings which are at fault (adding the oil seals these)

Does anyone know of a decent repairer who could replace the rings, and whatever else is needed?

I've seen DAL Jones, and GERMANCARTECH advertising, but don't know if these are trustworthy.

Has anyone experience of these? Contact me directly if you don't want to broadcast your feelings.

Martyn dot Long at yahoo dot co dot uk

Many thanks