I am currently waiting for my new Skoda Octavia to arrive. In the meenwhile I was searching for some info regarding the new "Care Connect" and the remote tricks that Skoda promisses in their presentation videos : "Honk and Flash" and "Online Auxiliary Heater" .

The config that I have equipped is with Amundsen MIB2(Smartlink, Care connect, Skoda connect, Infotainment online) and for connection to the internet in car, I will purchase the USB "CarStick".

1) I am assuming that those functions will necessite internet connection for it to work, so.. in car there is a live USB slot that will enable the "CarStick" to be always on even when the car is locked/off ?
2) How does the "Online Auxiliary Heater" works ? Can I start if from the Skoda Connect app, has enyone tryed this ?