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Thread: Whistle Feedback on Skoda Superb Infotainment system

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    Whistle Feedback on Skoda Superb Infotainment system

    Hi there,.

    I have just taken delivery of my new company car a Skoda Superb 1.6 Diesel (2017) which is all but in one area 'Superb'.

    The issue I have is audio feedback from the entertainment system. Having had the car for nearly a week and this issue has happened each time I've taken the car out. The first occurrence was when travelling at 20MPH the radio whistled at me, much like the sound you get when a mic is placed too close to a speaker and you get feedback. I have also noticed that when speaking to my passenger in the car I hear my voice feedback slightly phase shifted resulting in me hearing a tinny reproduction of my own voice. I have tried turning etc command voice setting volume right down and not change, it only goes away when the system is turned off.

    Fior me its reason to return etc car to the leasing company and if not fixed swopping the car out, anyone else experience such a problem please and found a way of fixing it.

    Thanks for reading and thanks again for any replies.


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    Hi David,

    I had exactly the same problem. There is an option in the infotainment system to enhance the speech for the back seat. The sound of the front seats is picked up by the microphone an sent through the rear speakers. I accidentally hit that option. I didn't know about this option and went to the garage where they pointed out the problem. I have no exact items on the infotainment system, because mine is in Dutch (I'm from Belgium and English is not my native language...)

    I hope this helps,

    Kind Regards


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