Hi. I'm new to this forum stuff, and i'm probably in the wrong place, so apologises! I have a Skoda Fabia 1.2 Sport, 2006 model. It has recently started coming up with the red warning light for the radiator water tank, and the three bleeps. The water level drops in the filler tank but does not leak out any where. When i open the filler tank there is some pressure and the water level returns to normal. There is no water in the oil, or oil in the water, mayo under the oil filler tank. There has been on the odd occasion, the heating goes from hot to cold and back to hot. As I'm not very mechanically minded I thought i'd ask for help/advice on here before i go to a garage. So if any one has any advice/help they could give, i really would be thankful. I look forward to hearing from any one and thanks in advance! :-)