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Thread: Emptying Washer Reservoir

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    Emptying Washer Reservoir

    Hi I have 2013 Mk3 Octavia

    My wife has put some anti-freeze in the washer reservoir (about 500ml before she realised). I'm looking to get it out without potentially damaging the paintwork.

    I've tried putting a siphon down to the tank but it gets stuck before it gets to the tank. There is an obvious filter on top that is easily removed but I think maybe there is a second filter just before the tank blocking it getting through?

    Any tips on how to empty it? If I top it up all the way with water do you think it will dilute the anti-freeze enough to just use the pump to get it out without risk to the paintwork?

    Maybe have to remove the reservoir? Not sure how to get at it, maybe through wheel arch?


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    Stick a hose in there and flush it.

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