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    Hi - new member - am retired so have loads of time to browse the net - having said that wish i was back at work cos me and SWMBO sometimes fall out !!!
    I have a Skoda Superb 190 L and K 4 x 4 which I love - i use it to tow my small caravan and sometimes forget its on the back - the DSG auto gearbox is brilliant and the adaptive cruise control makes motorway driving so much easier. I have just put speed cameras on my Columbus infortainment with the help of Briskoda forum and it works well. Since having tow bar fitted the ability to open tailgate by waving your foot under the back of the car has gone but i think i can manage without it . I have fitted two dashcams - front and rear but problem is 12 volt sockets are permanently live - should get them hard wired really. overall really pleased with car - if anyone had said 20 years ago I would buy a Skoda I would have laughed but not now. Oh well - time for a cup of tea and a nap<!!!!!!

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    I love my Octavia. I has sat outside my house since before Christmas as I have been shaking down a customers Golf but I needed it today as a funeral car (funnily enough it looks like a hearse) and it just started up and drove like I had not forsaken it.... then the SERVICE ME NOW! warning came on!

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