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Thread: Octavia Greenline fuel efficiency

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    Octavia Greenline fuel efficiency

    I bought an Octavia Greenline 1.6 TDCi in December 2012 with just 3,000 miles on the clock. The car is now at 96,000 miles and over the last 5 years I've monitored the fuel consumption every time I've filled the tank up and noticed a slow decline in the MPG over those 5 years. Is that normal?

    2013 61.1mpg
    2014 60.3mpg
    2015 59.3mpg
    2016 59.0mpg
    2017 58.7mpg
    2018 56.0mpg (although it has only been 3 cold months so far this year)

    Also I've noticed that for the last 6 months my engine (which has stop/start) has very rarely stopped at junctions even on long journeys when the car is up to full temperature.

    Is there anything I can request of the garage next time my car is in for a service that would improve the MPG and get the stop/start working more frequently again?

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    The stop start stops working if the battery voltage is low, so perhaps it is time to replace the battery. Be warned a glass mat battery is eye wateringly expensive.
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