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Thread: Parcel shelf broken

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    Parcel shelf broken

    Hi all,

    Has anyone got a broken rear parcel shelf where it pivots by the back of the rear seats

    This happened to my brothers Fabia. And the one he had previously.

    I 3D printed 2 new ones and used hot glue to stick them over the holes that were left by the broken ones.
    It has held up perfectly with the hot glue for last 2 months.
    If anyone was interested in having some printed, I may be able to provide this as a service for a nominal cost.
    I have attached a pic (sorry for the bad phone pic quality) of the one I did for my brother.

    The circular base could be any size, the cylindrical part was a perfect length and diameter, but again can be any size required.

    Hope this may be of help to someone.

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