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Thread: Skoda reverse thread towing eye

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    Skoda reverse thread towing eye


    New forum member here with a technical question please.

    I have just bought my first Skoda, a new Kodiaq Scout, which will be used for (amongst other things) towing hot-air balloon trailers on and off road.

    Prior to take-off, the pilot tethers the balloon to the front of the retrieve vehicle utilising the towing eye. Then, using a quick release mechanism, releases when ready for departure. the reverse thread towing eye in the front of the Kodiaq Scout is suitable for this purpose. However, the bar length is really too short. If the balloon was to move about in wind gusts, I could see the tether rope / karabiner damaging the front of the vehicle. Therefore, I would like to purchase a towing eye with a longer bar, but needing the same reverse thread of course. So, my question is, does such a thing exist? Are all current Skodas, VWs, Audis, Seats, etc fitted with the same towing eye reverse thread? If so, which model has the longest length towing eye?

    All suggestions very much appreciated.


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    Hi Ian,

    Welcome to the forum... post moved to the correct section.

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