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Thread: Liquid around injectors, red oil can, & dpf light on

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    Liquid around injectors, red oil can, & dpf light on

    Hi, my problem is that i have had the two injector washers and seals nearest to the oil cap replaced today and i purchased the parts from skoda listers because there was oil around the injector nearest to the oil cap and the red oil light kept flashing. So now the two seals and washers have been replaced i took it down the road again the red oil light came on flashing in the dahsboard rev clock and now the dpf yellow exhaust light has come on.

    I dont want to give the car a run on the motorway to clear the dpf out when the red oil light is on or should i?

    Also, there is oil again pretty much as soon as i took it out of the garage around the same injector as wherr it was last time in the picture. The oil cap neck area did not look split or cracked. Neither is it leaking from the rocker cover gasket.

    The car performs like there is NO problem however there is oill around the injector and now i have the red oil can light and the dpf light on. There is a smell from thr car fan when you sit inside the car and turn thr fan on but goes away when you turn the air con on.

    Also, i checked the dipstick afterwards and clear smoke was coming out of the dip stick hole however there is no smoke coming out like that from the exhaust and the car performs near perfect. Also, the engine is not rattling or making any loud sounds. It starts first time and has no miss fire.

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    Can you private message me the cars reg number so I can look into this for you?

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