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Thread: Skoda Superb 2011 B6 3T (sedan)

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    Skoda Superb 2011 B6 3T (sedan)

    So I have a issue with my Skoda and need some assistance. I am able to open the tailgate properly in its "normal" mode. But when I try to open it fully (not sure what this mode is called) it makes crackin sounds and wont open in that mode. It sounds like the
    I think the tailgate hatch catch lock latch is broken, but im not sure. Check picture below:

    Has anyone experienced this or know what it is? And does anyone know where I can buy a tailgate hatch catch lock latch (left) ?

    Ive already checked and this part isnt broken, check picture below:

    All help is appreciated

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    A bit of an over complicated scary system to work on and a lot of parts were modified for cars built from the 7th February 2011. Before you dive in there you need the results of a code read on the tailgate control system as to what is amiss.

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    There is an issue with the cabling for the boot in the hatchback at lest. 10 cables goes through the hinges. Mine broke before 100kilometers. Not much used.
    The cabling was extremely poorly made. Very cheap hard plastic cables AND coarse copper wires AND a very sharp bend when operating the small boot. Mine had two wires broken off and many in a bad state.
    Several things probably can happen depending on what breaks. I exchanged 0,5 meter of the wires with soft silicone lab cables. A full afternoon job including the shopping. Some soldering and shrinktube needed

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