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Thread: Yeti surging in low gears

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    Yeti surging in low gears

    I have recently purchased a Yeti Elegance 2.0 diesel 108 bhp and am not happy with some of its supposed "characteristics". I have never driven a car before that would roll in low gears with absolutely NO throttle whatsoever, but I can accept that this happens with "new" diesel engines. My problem is that INTERMITENTLY when rolling in traffic, or changing down to go round corners or go into car parks etc, particularly in second gear, the engine surges and the car accelerates leaving me feeling out of control and often having to brake to slow the car. In the supermarket car park yesterday I pulled away in first, and the car rolled away with zero throttle, the revs seemed high and I changed up to second only for the car to surge away requiring me to brake. I later tried to replicate this in my own road and stalled the car as I changed up to second.

    The car is a 15 plate, was bought from a main dealer and has only done 16,000 miles. I took the car back to the garage and drove around with the service manager. Needless to say the problem I have described above didn't manifest itself, but the manager said that any excess revving might be caused by the cleaning process of the "particulate filter" (apparently extra heat needs to be generated to clean the filter). I know little about engines so I don't know if this makes sense but I am an experienced driver and I don't think a car should behave as I have described.

    What I would like to know is if any fellow Yeti owners have heard of this, experienced similar or know what the problem might be. I realised this has been long-winded but this is causing me to lose sleep and I currently wish I'd never laid eyes on the motor.

    Thanks for reading and many, many thanks in advance.

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    It is a common diesel issue made worse by the stupid emissions recal, the programming forces the engine above a certain level as where you want it to be creates too much NOX emissions, you will have to learn to control the way it behaves by feathering the clutch and brakes, there is not much that can be done about it.
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    If you bought the car from a dealer he is responsible for any faults present or developing at the time of sale for a period of six months, that is under your consumer rights and written in law. If you consider the car to be unsafe it may be worth seeking professional advice. I have not heard of any other Yeti owners having this problem after the "fix", the normal problem is the failure of other parts due to the extra strain put on them.

    It is possible to have the "fix" removed, not by a dealer but by firms that remap, what they do is restore the ecu to an image similar to that before the "fix". The going rate seems to be around £50. I do not know where you are but once such place is Unit18 in Milton Keynes. I have not used them but know someone who has. If you have this done and the seller finds out it could invalidate your warranty although there is nothing to tell them it has been done.

    When the DPF regenerates the engine revs will increase to 900rpm, and the temperature is greatly increased by injecting fuel into the system. There may also be a noticeable smell due to the heat, if you switch off the engine and the cooling fans run on you have interrupted a regen. If this happens too often as well as being bad for the dpf the excess fuel can end up in the sump oil which degrades the oil and in extreme cases the oil level can actually rise.
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