I've had my new Kodiaq for a month now and while I'm very impressed with the car, I am a little bit frustrated with the Columbus system. Firstly, I know it's originally designed for a left-hand drive car, but surely it wouldn't have taken too much to configure the 'Menu/Home/Volume etc' buttons to sit on the right side of the screen for a right-hand drive car (it's only software surely?). There are other usability issues (unless I've missed something) regarding the number of actions it takes to switch from listening to music via Car Play and listening to the radio, Also, why does the 'Home screen' merely say Car Play is in use, rather than showing something useful like the track currently playing? While I'm on about the 'Home' screen, why does it take up a section telling me I can't use my Telephone pre-sets as it's in Car Play?

Am I missing something here, or is there a significant User Experience deficiency?