Hi all
New member here.
I bought my Skoda Octavia Elegance TSI 1.4 Automatic in May 2018. It's a 2015 model.
Never had one before... but completely and absolutely converted!
Love it!
I think i also landed on my feet with it, as it is an Elegance, which i believe is fairly high spec?… i'm still discovering clever things it does months later!

I bought it at an auction. So i have no history about it at all.
It had 10.8k on the clock, so I got it's oil & filter changed and a general check over plus it's first MOT. It needed the seatbelt tensioners replacing - so i'm guessing it was a rejected insurance repair. Other than that it appeared to have no faults and i've had no problems with it at all since (touch wood/fingers crossed).

Now I've already done nearly 10k in it in 7 months and the oil change alert is coming up… is this set to automatically come up every 10k miles?

I've looked at the fixed price maintenance prices on Skoda's website and they don't seem too extortionate. Tho i imagine the total cost could sky rocket if they discover other things need doing! (i'm guessing their mechanic hourly rates aren't cheap!). Also not knowing this make and model of car, and after reading around about Skoda Octavias, i've managed to confuse myself by reading about things like 'variable service schedules' and so on that some models seem to have. So am worried i'm not giving it the correct TLC.

Could someone clarify… With it now coming up to 20k miles in total should i be doing more than just changing the oil? …as the car is telling me!

And would you recommend an official Skoda dealership to do the work (my nearest is in Croydon)
could anyone recommend a independent Skoda specialist in South East London? (I'm in Forest Hill/Lewisham)

As a dog walker i need to keep this car in good shape …and as a dog walker i need to do it on a tight budget too if i can!
Also, I love it to death so want to look after it!

many thanks in advance for any help and advice and info anyone can offer