Hi All

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here

We have a bit of oddness with the Fabia electrics. Battery is good at 12.75 volts and alternator charging getting 14.20 volts.

When the headlamps are on the battery light glows slightly either with or without the engine running. If you just put the side light on or leave the DLR's running it does not glow. If you open the door or the boot the same issue happens when the courtesy light comes on but if you shut the door and switch the courtesy lights on manually the light does not glow.

I am presuming this is an earth issue but clearly not the main earth as when running ac, heater rear window or wipers the issue does not occour. Problem is there are earths scattered around but tryting to work out what and where they all share other than the main earth. I don't seem to have any voltage drop between the battery and the body.