Hello all, this is my first post so hopefully its in the correct place.

I've recently been gifted an Octavia Ambiente estate PD 1.9 TDi by my Dad as he's just upgraded to a newer model.

Only problem is that 2 of the injectors are failing, he had a report on it but it means nothing to me.

The car is high mileage, 236k. But in a really good condition inside and out, the car still drives well but is kicking out a lot of smoke when changing gear quickly or accelerating above 2000rpm. The report did suggest that oil is mixing with the fuel somewhere in the chamber.

I'd really like to keep the vehicle but the mechanic is saying that each injector is £345 each, then labour on top, cars probably only worth £1200 and repairs would be approx £1000+.

What i'm wondering is whether anyone could point me in the direction of cheaper injectors, happy with reconditioned units but would rather be guided to a reputable dealer,.

And also was wondering how hard it is to replace them myself, I'm handy with the tools generally and repair boilers for a living so used to working in tight fiddly spaces.

Just looking for any assistance/ideas on how I can keep this vehicle on the road as it seems criminal to let it go to the scrap heap.

Thanks in advance.