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Thread: Skoda Superb Engine Caught fire in Bangalore

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    Exclamation Skoda Superb Engine Caught fire in Bangalore

    We had a very unfortunate incident last night. My Skoda Superb car parked in my house, garage caught fire and we were not the first ones to know. We could smell a strange burning smell coming inside the house which we were trying to figure out the reason for. There were sudden bangs on our main door with people from our neighbouring houses screaming fire we all ran out. To our shock the car was on fire. We could not believe what we were seeing was true that our most loved car was on fire. The most shocking part was that it was parked since my husband had come home home around 6:00 PM back from work.
    We tried to extinguish the fire, there were almost fifty people outside our house trying to help us. I was constantly on the phone with Skoda emergency which told us to open the car. They were telling me a different number to call rescue team. I called the number and that guy told me I had to cut the call and choose a different option for roadside assistance. This all contributed to our misery. Instead, of any help I was just going to and fro to different people begging for help.

    In the meanwhile we tried using a hammer to break open the glass, but it did not help. There is no manual key provision to open the car. It was so terrifying for kids seeing fire, constant water being sprayed, people screaming, so much smoke. This all was too hazardous to inhale, but they were not ready to move. Seeing their favourite car burn was deeply saddening for them.

    Our apartment security guards came rushing with fire extinguishers to help us. The fire engine came and broke the glass with the sledge hammer and extinguished the fire.The police asked us to get the car towed as another car parked behind could not move. After constantly being on the phone, struggling to get the tow vehicle to take the car the flat bed tow vehicle finally arrived after midnight around 12:15. We thought at last the vehicle would be lifted, however, it added more to our series of troubles with Skoda. The guy came all by himself, despite being told to the customer service that the car was burnt and could not start. On the other hand, his coming alone thinking he could tow the car added to our shock. He did not have any basic tools like a hammer or a screw driver if required. We gave him the tools, but he was not able to bring the car to the Neutral position from parking position. Finally, at round 1 AM he left without taking the car. This showed lack of accountability and ownership or basic help that could have been offered to us.

    I have been a loyal owner of Skoda Cars since 2005/2006 when I had bought Skoda Octavia and upgraded to superb later. Also, we bought two more Skoda cars: Skoda Laura and Skoda Fabia for my partner and my sister. Such a long association with Skoda was based on the trust and belief in the company more than the car.
    Today, my beliefs and trust has been shaken by the so called customer service and help lines provided by Skoda. Even if I read the Skoda Auto India Policy which clearly mentions about ensuring protection of human lives, health and property. To my dismay, I cannot believe that they are mentioning things which they cannot follow.

    Despite this incident, I still feel we have been very fortunate that my husband and kids are safe. Our driver is safe and no one is hurt. Though I cannot mention the intensity of the emotional scar this has left on our minds. I cannot get over thinking what all could have happened with another petrol car being parked behind it. My kids are in a state of shock, my younger daughter is constantly crying seeing the burnt car parked outside.

    This all happened on 24th April. We are close to 24th May. There have been multiple inspections and conversations with Amit Dhingra, Vibhu Hajela ad many email exchanges thy have not shared the report. Yesterday they told us that it could be an external source. This sounds very shocking to us as fire was not outside and why would anyone do that.

    People please provide
    1) what could be the cause?
    2) what can we expect from SKoda

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    Cars do catch fire, you will have to wait until the investigators decide what caused it, I don't know of any known issues. Which version of the Superb is this? Do you have the VIN?
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    Did you have anything plugged in such as a phone charger etc for instance?

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