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Thread: ACC problems

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    ACC problems

    I have a 17 plate Superb tdi 180 DSG bought new. Had a tow bar fitted.Some time later noticed the blind spot monitor was switching off every time ignition switched off.Everything else was working fine so left until service. Dealer fixed blind spot problem.First time I used the car with a trailer the cruise control would not work with the trailer(a caravan) plugged in. Both the dealer and the tow bar supplier are blaming each other.Both have tried to fix without success.This is my third Superb all used with a caravan never had this problem before.Has any one had a similar experience.And can anyone offer advise.

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    That could be a coding issue which the dealer SHOULD be able to put right by having a little think (and therein lies the problem) but the tow bar company may be a little out of their depth. A clued up VAG specialist who knows how to use the coding tables in VCDS May be able to do it but as VCDS support for Skoda is weak, it suspect it will need ODIS, the dealer system so an independent with ODIS, enthusiasm, time and a brain.... hummmmmm. You will have to pay for this and take it up with whoever it appears got it wrong. This off course depends on the electronics kit used in the conversion being suitable. This is why I analyse push people to use the factory accessory electronics kit at least of if you are ordering the car new, just tick the tow bar box, NOTHING compares to the factory system which at £790 makes complete sense or at the very least the £180 tow bar preparation option which makes a retro fit SO much easier.
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    I had exactly the same problem on my Superb 2017. But I found what was broken. Near the trailer contact, a cable was damaged, the lights worked but the resistance must have been faulty and the electronics reacted to it. I changed the cable and it works now

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