My 2005 octavia mk2 needs its NSR anti-roll bar link replacing as the existing one has snapped ( car has done 244K miles in 15 years so cant complain)

Anyone done this before ? Thought I'd do the following

1). Jack up and remove NSR wheel
2). Undo nut of end of link
3). put wheel back on and sit back of car on a couple of railway sleepers I've got.
4). Remove other (broken) end that still connected to the ARB. Incidentally cant see a bolt head on the broken one, and the new one appears to have a bush/steel insert that a bolt would go though)
5). Fit new link to end of arb; then to wheel end ( not sure I can get a torque wrench in at the wheel end, seems a bit tight)
6). With car sitting on both wheels tighten up both ends of the link.

Does that sound about right ?