I have a peculiar issue with my fabia. for the first 10 years, every year around the monsoon season, when i used to insert the key and turn the EPC and Emission Control Lights would not glow and hence i could not start the car. only 2 lights remained on - Battery (which is supposed to be) and ABS (which isn't).

Recently, the issue has escalated, the EPC and EC lights disappear in the middle of driving the car, ABS comes on, and the car shuts down. I stall it to the side of the road and wait, it stays like that for about 10 minutes and then the EPC and EC lights come back on. I crank the engine and it starts as if nothing had happened.

i need a resolution on this problem as the service center seems to have no clue on this.

Also, I am not finding any similar issues on any online forum.