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Thread: 2013 1.2 TSI - Fuel overfill / vented

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    2013 1.2 TSI - Fuel overfill / vented


    I wanted to ask for some advice. I've owned a 2013 Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI since the end of last October.
    Not long after I took the car on a 500 mile round trip to visit family. Filled full on the way down around 245 miles to get down there and then topped up to come home. This is when I discovered how easy it is to accidentally "vent" the tank. Been used to Peugeot for years and I've found them awkward to fill. They always clicked off way before they are full and you have to tease them gently to actually accept their capacity... still have the problem with the wife's 2008... it clicks and you think its full.... go to leave and its way below full. Anyway, filled until it clicked and was surprised at the amount to pay considering it had been between a quarter and half a tank. Driving back noticed after 100 miles that the full gauge still had not dropped below full. Did some research on the pee break and discovered forum entries about it and that some people actually use this "vent" hack sometime before going on long journeys as it fills either the filler pipe or expansion tank getting more miles out of tank (found conflicting views as to whether there is actually an expansion tank or not). Anyway its not something I actively want to do.... in my opinion its not meant to happen - its a feature for safety. Whatever was wrong with vented filler caps I have no idea?... this switch that presses in when the cap is screwed on is in a stupid position. Now have to be extra cautious not to catch the switch. With this in mind I have still managed to catch it a couple of time when filling it full for a long trip which as I have been using it straight away hasn't bothered me too much.
    Filled friday as noticed fuel prices had dropped over our way so decided to fill it full. Had about a quarter of a tank so figured around 10 litres max, so filled cautiously and it clicked off around 35 litres which seemed right (45litre max capacity from online specs) BUT the only filler hose free when I filled up was on the passenger side so had to stretch the hose across SOOO it is possible I was being cautious not to dribble petrol down the side of the car and could possibly have caught the pesky valve? kicking myself now as I thought in my head I should just call it a day at 30 litres. Just been so used to listening/feeling for the click all these years.
    Car recalculated and said 390 Mile range which has increased as the MPG's has improved (Driving like a saint/pensioner) now done 50 miles and still the needle is full so I suspect ive done it again. This time I'm a little more nervous as I'm not due to do any long journeys only short trips to and from work (7 miles each way) and the car will be sat a day or two as I'm working from home. Should I be concerned? What damage if any could this cause? can't see it getting overly hot so can't image the tank will split or explode its already been sat over the weekend.

    Thanks in advance. Any advice appreciated.


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    It is something I actively do every time and have been since I bought my first Mk2 in the mid 90's. On my Octavia 1 when the pump auto clicks off, I can tweak another £10 in at least, on Mrs Crashers Polo I can get about £15 more in than she can. The only time I am cautious is if the weather is hot and I am filling up then going home as the fuel out the ground will be cool and then expand when sat.
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    Thank you for your response. I will be a little more cautious when filling from now on and probably begin to stop filling until it clicks unless I am doing a long journey straight away. Learning curve. Fortunately the weather is still cold whilst it is sat not moving for the next few days. I've done 50 miles of the tank so it won't be sat fully brimmed at least. So if it does warm up then it will be fine.

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