Hi all, before I start please accept my apologies in advance - I am not very knowledgeable when it come to cars!

I have a 65 plate skoda fabia and while I was driving my daughter to school after a night shift last Thursday I would down my electric passenger side window to clear condensation.

The window went all the way down but wouldn't come back up. It won't budge.

My brother used to fit car windows and had a look at it for me.

The button seems to be working, you can hear it clicking when it's pressed. He said the regulator was in order and thought there must have been a fault with the motor.

The motor only seems to be available from the main dealer for £156 so I ordered one from a breaker and was assured that it is in perfect working condition.

I drove the car on Sunday briefly and had a warning message of ERROR: AIRBAG come up on the dash along with the orange/yellow airbag symbol.

That error still comes on.

The motor part arrived today but it has not resolved the problem.

When you pull the window switch you can hear it clicking but the motor just will not spin.

Have checked a few fuses which seem OK but I'm assuming that if a fuse had blown the switch wouldn't be getting any power either.

I tried disabling the passenger side airbag to see if the airbag error went away but it didn't.

I'm starting to think now that there may be some general wiring problem, affecting the motor and the airbag, but then again, would the electric window switch be receiving power if that was the case?

My head is blown! Any advice or ideas greatly received.

Thanks in advance.