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Thread: Clutch type smell

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    Clutch type smell

    Hi all
    I've been getting a clutch type smell on my Octavia automatic petrol 1984CC two years old. Feel of brake pads sticking too - but not all the time. Booked into Skoda garage for next week - can I continue to use?

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    Has the car been parked up for a long time during/since lockdown? If the brakes are binding they will smell when they get hot enough. Does the smell and brake binding happen at the same time? If it is the brakes, the wheels and hubs will get hot to the touch, have you tried carefully putting your hand close to the wheel/hub to see if it is warm/hot?
    If the brakes overheat they will loose efficiency and the linings will need to be changed, at worst you could warp your discs or have a brake fire. It is not safe to drive and would be an MOT failure. If it is the clutch making the smell it will cause damage if you carry on using it.
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