Any Favorit / Felicia, S110 or other Skoda owners in Cornwall ?


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Aug 4, 2015
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South West UK
A nice part of my work is that I get to drive all around Cornwall and I have spotted at least one green Favorit Estate, a Silver line Favorit hatchback, two pick ups, a nice yellow Fun and one rear engine S110. Would anyone be interested in a meeting with a view to forming a local Skoda club perhaps ? or just a the occasional noggin and natter.

I know a suggestion was made on the other forum and that a date / time / place was arranged for St Austell, but reading the thread a few people said yes but no one turned up. :( (I use to be apathetic but now I just can't be bothered).

This was before I bought my car and the thread is quite old and for all I know a bouncing Skoda club is active in Cornwall, if so I apologise I am not trying to split anyone up and would like to know where, when, they meet. Cornwall is a great place but most car shows take place up country and getting out of Cornwall during the summer months is an A30 ordeal best left alone.:cool: