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Hi, we provide Genuine SKODA parts. Working out of our SKODA dealership we offer genuine parts at discounted prices.
The increasing emphasis on self-defense and extensive rise in investment in arms & ammo for the defense & law enforcement bodies are the major factors influencing the market growth.
Very sad news, the welded seams of the floor pan to tin cills resulted in excessive rot,great mechanicals but no way could it be reserected and so it died. RIP great Skoda model,another bites the dust,didn't happen in the good old days when vehicles had thick steel chassis,that would mean that cars etc would last longer that would never do !
Hi, I have a 2017 mk3 superb as the engine temperature rises it goes past the normal and towards hot, on the motorway warning message come up to pull over, if i slow down the temp goes back to normal and then no problems from then on, any ideas? Thought it may be thermostat or temp sensor. Engine doesn’t appear to be overheated and water in expansion bottle is normal. Appreciate any help you can offer