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Wanting some advice. My wife's Rapid constantly displays a message on switching ignition on, "BATTERY LOW, PLEASE START ENGINE OR TURN OFF INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM". It always starts OK.

It has displayed the message from new, and it is now 3 years old and out of warranty, so no longer elligible for Skoda Assist.

I have seen somewhere that cars with Start/Stop technology must have special chargers to top up the battery.

First question, Is this a common symptom of this model?

Second question, advice on a suitable charger please.
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Hi Folks,
I have a 2009 Octavia VRS.Glow plug lights came on the engine management light.Vehice went into limp mode restricted to 2500 rpm then corrected to 3500 rpm.I have put car into a reputable diesel specialist.They claim the turbo wastegate needs replacing but part is £570 and reconditioned turbo is only £20 dearer.I have looked on ebay and turbo wastegate actuator appears to be around £40.Is there something I am missing or am I being had over?In Anticipation